Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver

Storybook Reader

Accompany Freddie in a magical rainforest as he learns to navigate challenges and fears, find resilience, and celebrate the pride of accomplishment and fulfilment. It’s the ultimate life adventure!

♥ Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated book that captivates audiences through a boy named Freddie who lives in a magical rainforest.
♥ The reader is taken on a journey of discovery with Freddie as he meets Mr Cotton the giant friendly spider who teaches him how to let go his fears and create the life of his dreams.

♥ The book is filled with life lessons that children and adults can relate to.
The Freeing Freddie book range provides tools to enhance the conscious development of children and youth in a fun manner.



A Guide To Realizing Your Dreams


This workbook is an invaluable tool for helping children and youth recognise and then tackle their anxieties head on. The exercises take you through a process to reaching your goals and dreams.

♥ The Purpose of this workbook is to show you how to let go of your fears and to empower you in creating your own magical dreams.

♥ This special workbook is like no other – it works alongside the “Freeing Freddie – the Dream Weaver” reading book as well as a stand alone.

♥ The exercises are practical and easy to do – they are fun, insightful and filled with joy. We know that you will create a life filled with dreams for yourself and others.



Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver

Activity Book

The interactive Activity and Sticker book for younger children has puzzles, games, colouring and even baking to keep children joyfully entertained, all while reinforcing the magical wonder and life lessons innate in Freddie’s adventures.

♥ Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver Ultimate Activity book is a fun filled book with activities for children of all ages.

♥ This special activity book has practical tools to support children with how to deal with their fears and to show them how best to build magical dreams.

♥ It has baking, puzzles and crafts; coloring in and activity stickers all included. It works with the Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver reading book as well as it can be enjoyed alone.


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