Teens Workshop

The teenage years can be frightening and challenging as teenagers try to find their own individuality and how they fit into the social norms demanded from them.

The world can be daunting as a whole – dreams are not always uppermost in our minds nor fear spoken of. The workshop is aimed at showing how fears are normal as human nature and that dreams are the joy of life. During the workshop we learn and discover how to navigate this journey and how to create a life that we choose.

  • This workshop addresses fears that teens face in their daily lives as they transition to being young adults.

  • A safe space is created where conversation is held around fears and skills and tools are given to make life easier to handle.

  • It is an uplifting workshop that develops imagination; creativity and positive language is used to access inner dreams

  • A process is taught to be taken outside of the workshop for future use which releases fear moving forward to build a life worth loving!