Teacher Training

Communication is essential between teachers and students. Teachers are feeling both overwhelmed and frustrated at not having the need skills and material to use around social emotional learning. Our Teacher Training workshop is a professional course designed with the intention of nurturing teachers to nurture their students. In improving their knowledge, competence, skill and effectiveness in facilitating the Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver curriculum they are given support and encouragement in an ongoing relationship with us behind them as cheer leaders who listen to their needs and dreams.

The teacher is given time to focus on themselves. They go through the same process that they want to take their students through giving them a deeper understanding of what to expect within the classroom and at the same time having the opportunity to reflect within themselves.

In the Training, Teachers will receive a manual and participate in an experiential workshop on how to use all the books in the classroom.

  • Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver Story Book

  • Ultimate Activity Book

  • Guide To Realizing Your Dreams Workbook. 

The workshop is aimed to assist the teacher to lead a student to a deeper sense of self, understanding of personal fears, intentions for actions, how to perceive challenges and begin to dream. Specific skills are taught to help students let go of fears, approach challenges in life with a positive perspective and how to dream to create a fulfilling future. Teachers are taken through a process within the workshop that is orientated towards creating dreams that come from within and understanding what is preventing the individual from creating