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“Everything you need to learn and achieve is all already within you.”

Brent Feinberg


We noticed how many children and youth do not have the much needed skills to live their lives confidently with self awareness and a higher sense of consciousness. Using Brent’s best selling books we have created curriculum that is easy and exciting to use by both teachers, students and parents. The reaction that we received in South Africa was so positive that we decided to launch in the United States. We have experienced the same reaction in American schools and homes.


Brent Feinberg

Brent is a best selling author who at the young age of 29, is committed to making sustainable impact in the world especially for children. Through his exceptional writing skills his books take the reader on a journey of self discovery and joy.

Brent Feinberg is an integrative healer and author, born in Johannesburg South Africa 27 June 1990.

He was raised with the messages from Nelson Mandela who he spent time with as well as others such as Steve Biko’s son – Nkosinathi Biko and Deepak Chopra. He has worked with orphan and vulnerable children and youth as well as many others along his journey . He gives of himself so that others will have the skills and tools to live a life that they love and get invoved to create a world where all individuals share an experience based on justice, love, self awareness and greater conciousness.

He is a Triple Reiki Master.He started his training in 2004 at the age of 13.

Brent is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Qualified Yoga Teacher. Practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation.

Through the many years of experience and studying, he has developed a great understanding of consciousness based health care and wellbeing. Brent has an understanding of many cultures through immersion by living and travelling in many different countries.

He is known for his profound meditation groups and his facilitation of group workshops and one on one peronsalized sessions. He works with schools, teachers, parents and corporates.

Brent is a sought after international speaker 

“Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver” is Brent’s first set of books endorsed by Deepak Chopra and that have now sold thoudands of copies. Published by Sqaure One Publishers a New York based publishing house.

Revealing Freddie – The Light Within” is his 2nd set of books which has launched in South Africa and will be released in the U.S.A. in due course.

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Kim Normand Dobrin

Kim has had a successful international career for over 29 years in Education and personal development.

She has held leadership positions in - Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Institute; The Apartheid Museum; Human Rights Commission for Education; Founder: Tolerance Foundation; Founder: Tomorrow Trust; Co-Founder - With Love From Freddie LLC.

She is an Ashoka Fellow and has studied at Harvard Kennedy School of International Studies. She is the Author of 3 best sellers in South Africa and has won numerous International awards including amongst others :

Winner of the Most Influential Women in Business and Government” Welfare sector for 2009/2010.

Voted and chosen as top 4 in the Ernst and Young World Social Entrepreneur of the Year award- 2011.

Awarded and acknowledged by the State of California Legislature for exceptional work done in uplifting children and youth 2012.

Winner of Inspiring Fifty Awards 2017- hosted by the Consul General of the Netherlands.

Kim is known for her passion and love for children, education and Human Rights and the belief of accessing and developing potential. Kim is a sought  after international speaker and is known for her TED talk.