Children’s Reading & Crafts Workshop

Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is a fun way of learning for children. The story is both magical and interactive allowing for open and creative conversations that are normally difficult to have between adults and younger children. The activity book is filled with stickers, activities, crosswords, crafts and puzzles. Each page is aimed at developing emotional and visual skills on how to build your dreams and release fears. Ages from 5 years to 12 years benefit tremendously from the readings and craft workshops.


Activities from the Freeing Freddie Ultimate Activity book will be done in the workshop:

♥ Accessing and discussing emotions.

♥ Changing negative fears into a positive action and emotion.

♥ Numeracy and literacy exercises.

♥ Fun & interactive. The content develops communication and emotional and social skills within the group for 5-10yr olds.

♥ Children learn that fears are normal and how to communicate these positively.

♥ The crafts are fun to do and build imagination and creativity.

This fun workshop will reveal to teachers and parents a way to know your children better and see a wonderful side to them. Parents and teachers will also leave having learnt and gained valuable life wisdom and lessons.