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Social Emotional Learning Books, Tools & Skills for Children, Teachers, and Adults

With Love From Freddie offers transformative and effective curriculum, teacher training and interactive workshops AND BOOKS TO USE in the classroom and TO ENJOY at home.




Our Approach

With Love From Freddie uses a dynamic and engaging approach to teaching practical skills to apply to daily living. We provide tools to enhance the conscious development of children, youth and adults in a fun manner in order to actualize their potential. The books and lessons teach greater self awareness and an understanding of how to manage emotions as well as how to relate and communicate with others with compassion, empathy and positivity. The material is designed to create a catalyst for greater positive social impact and change in the world.


We all have an enormous wealth of wisdom & knowledge innately within us.
— Brent Feinberg

With over 28 years of experience in holistic education and healing, we wanted to support the processes of children, youth and teachers and adults in living a life that they love. We have noticed that so many do not speak about what is deepest in their hearts nor do they have the skills to live a positive life.

The world can be a challenging place for us all if we do not have the coping skills and tools to use to uplift ourselves daily. Working with the material that we create you will find a shift in perspective on how you see challenges, approach your dreams and goals, what your natural talents are and how you are connected to the world around you.


We Give Back

We believe that social emotional education should be accessible to everyone. We give back to our community through donating resources to schools, organizations and children’s groups.

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